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Best Crypto Currency in India

CoinCRED is an Indian crypto exchange that recently celebrated its success and existence as they have been in the business for two years with two lakh plus users, which is still growing with time. With the changing times and our country being a developing country, accepting modern changes brings a lot of changes and innovation to our country. With that innovation and changes, CoinCRED has also stepped up its game and launched India’s first cryptocurrency, Gandercoin, making it the best crypto exchange in IndiaThis article lets you through the unique features and its potential to completely change how we transact, invest, and safeguard our financial assets.

Best Crypto Currency in India

CoinCRED’s earlier project, Gyre Network, gained two lakh users because of its unique and fun features, like referral income and play and earn, which made trading so much fun and easy for both experienced and inexperienced traders. With that achievement, Coincred came up with Gandercoin, which brought more distinct features that make it accessible to the people who have already joined and enjoyed our features earlier and other new people who have joined by being attracted to new advanced features in Gandercoin.

Now the question arises: What is GanderCoin?

Gandercoin was launched on 1st May. It was developed to provide a great experience with blockchain technology. GanderCoin is a futuristic peer-to-peer-based digital currency, launched in the market as India's first and foremost digital coin, designed to restructure traditional payment methods. Their vision is to replace the centralized hierarchies in the transaction process, which means online payments can be transmitted directly from peer to peer without passing through any centralized body. GanderCoin is designed on Scrypt cryptography. If one wants to create an unbreakable record, the network timestamps and transactions are managed by hashing them into a continuous chain of hash-based proof-of-work.

In the GanderCoin Ecosystem, users can buy GanderCoins and stake them for a period, giving them a 0.25% per day reward on their investment. The initial price of GanderCoin is 0.78 USD, and the minimum purchase amount is limited to 25 USD.

Gandercoin has an ecosystem in which you will get several benefits like staking income, referral income, network income, network staking income, and Royalty rewards.

Staking Income - 

You will get a 0.25% daily reward in GanderCoin on your investment. For this, you have to invest at least 25 USD in the Ecosystem by purchasing GanderCoin and putting them on stake for 400 days.

Referral Income- 

In referral Income, you have to refer the GanderCoin Ecosystem to your friends and family or any known person interested in such an Ecosystem where they can earn some extra money. Suppose anyone joins the Ecosystem through your referral and makes a minimum investment of 25 USDT. In that case, you will get 5 GanderCoins as a referral income.

Network Income- 

In the GanderCoin Ecosystem, you must build your network by making a team of referrals. There are certain levels, like level 1 and level 2, and so on. Suppose five members from your referral successfully invest in the Ecosystem. In that case, your level 1 will be completed, and you will get the 3% reward for their five members' investment. The reward percentage will vary at each level. For more details, have a look at the chart:

Network Staking Income-

Whenever you complete some levels in the Gander Coin Ecosystem, make a team of some members in your downline. Those members will start earning staking income on their investment, and you will get a percentage called Network Staking Income. This percentage will vary at each level.

Royalty Rewards-

By holding a certain amount of gander coins in your wallet, you are eligible for Royalty Rewards.

Play & Earn Income-

Users can play a game on the GanderCoin Ecosystem in the play and earn section. They can double their amount by predicting the market's movement using their Chart analysis data. The wrong prediction will lead to the loss of their asset, so one should play carefully.

Gandercoin believes in digitalization for the benefit of mankind. It was developed to provide a great experience of blockchain technology and digital currencies to Indians with features like P2P Transactions, High Speed, Scrypt Cryptography, Might Security, Gem Value, and Low Processing Fees.


Gandercoin's total supply is ten thousand crores, based on the srcypt blockchain. The coin's exchange rate is 30 INR, and the minimal transaction is

0.1 grand. The coin price is 10 INR. It also serves three distinct purposes:

Governance over the network.



GanderCoin is all set to become the most prominent crypto marketplace. Presenting an excellent experience to all crypto traders and Web3 users. The way they used to utilize cryptocurrencies is set to change, thanks to GanderCoin's revolutionary features, strong security, and dedication to transparency.


The launch of GanderCoin marks an exciting milestone in the world of cryptocurrency. GanderCoin, the first indian digital currency, promises to revolutionize digital finance with cutting-edge technology and innovative features. This launch shows the dedication to expanding what is possible in the crypto space. Gandercoin is excited to encourage users and investors to join them as they set out on this adventure to discover the seemingly endless possibilities of GanderCoin. As they continue to push the boundaries of cryptocurrency, keep checking back for updates on GanderCoin's adventure on their official website and other social media handles or platforms.